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The Bicycle Companion you never want to be without.
Chainlift is a revolutionary bicycle tool that manages
your bike chain and makes routine tasks easy.
 It makes removing and installing your bike wheel easy.
 It makes cleaning your bike easy.
 It makes diagnosing, servicing and maintaining your
  bike easy.
 It protects your bike's paint finish.
 It makes setting up your indoor trainer easy.
 It makes transporting your bike in your car easy.

Included in the box:
• 7 Stainless Steel Insert Pins:
   SHM-1, SHM-2, SHM-3, SHM-4, SHM-5, SRAM-2 SRAM-3

11.875”x 4.25”x 1.66”


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Chainlift Product Image
Chainlift Product Image
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Chainlift Product Image Hero
Chainlift Product Image
Chainlift Product Image
Chainlift Product Imag

Customer Reviews

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Miguel K.
Never mind the price -Chainlift will pay for itself.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you were very intrigued by Chainlift - but its price made you pause.

That’s exactly what I did. I filed it under “Wants” rather than “Needs”. And yet, Chainlift was always in the back of my mind.

I waited over a year to finally order one, as a treat to spoil myself on my birthday.

Having used the product for months now, I would argue one really ought to think of Chainlift not as a “luxury” item, but as an INVESTMENT in your bike.

You see, Chainlift makes things so easy and mess-free, I’ve been far more likely to remove the rear wheel (or the bike from my Wahoo trainer) to perform basic maintenance I’d usually skip, or wait too long to do.

For example, I’m no longer lubing the chain with my bike attached to the trainer. Nope - I use Chainlift to easily get the bike off the trainer and on a repair stand, where I can lube the chain without reinstalling the rear wheel first, or spraying lube on the trainer’s flywheel. Now I lube the chain more frequently when riding indoors, which is definitely good for my drivetrain components.

I’ve also found myself removing the rear wheel more often for a more thorough cleaning of my frame, rear derailleur, and the cassette, and to better inspect the frame for potential signs of damage and my disc brake pads for signs of significant wear.

These examples might seem trivial, but they’re not. By taking better care of my bike, I’m extending both its useful life and that of its components - which will save me a lot of money (and frustration) in the long run. Chainlift will definitely pay for itself.

I’m pretty confident in the construction and choice of materials used on Chainlift. The price is merely a reflection of the economy of scale; a behemoth like Shimano could perhaps offer a similar product cheaper, but a small outfit like Chainlift cannot. They certainly make up for that with outstanding customer service, though.

All told, I would strongly encourage you to order one for yourself. You will agree it is totally worth it. And you will be supporting the kind of small company that inevitably ends up bringing more great products into our cycling lives.

Dominic Carroll
Simple and effective

Like having a second pair of hands when removing the back wheel, definitely recommended especially if you have an expensive frame which you want to protect from chain contact.

Takes some practice

The concept is super amazing and I think with a bit of practice it could be the new go to tool. I would just caution, don’t expect to pull it out and get it right the first…or third time. Watch the videos on the site because they do actually help. Additionally (and maybe we just didn’t see it annotated) all the different sized accessories are conveniently stashed in the elbow (light grey piece). We initially thought we were missing parts. That took about 15 minutes of figuring out.
Overall, I feel confident with more practice I’ll like it 5 stars. It does what they profess and it is handy!

Riccardo Boscolo
Works great!

Must watch the videos to learn how to use it, but once you learn this is the tool you'll be glad to have in your toolbox!

Sean Eye
Very helpful

This has been a huge help to me as I do not have a spot where I can leave my trainer set up in the house. Set-up and take-down are far easier now. I haven't used it for cleaning yet, but I anticipate it will also be a massive improvement.

Jay Ironside

Love it. Best new bike tool for my bench.

Andrea Barlucchi
A great Instrument !

Very well done, a great idea. It's useful, strong - the only part I am doubtful of, is the little chain lifter, hopefully it will not break - and really solves a probem. Good job !

Johnson Marty

Works like magic!!!

Franci Zamrnik
Chainlift - interesting tool

I have to say that the product in very well developed with very interesting features. It is very easy to use and suitable for fast changing between bike frame and interactive trainer. It is a bit costy product but considering development and technical solutions I think the price is fair. So far so good. I am very satisfied with it.

Niels Goetz
great service

I got the grx 810 RD+ pre-version after I accidently bought the "normal" version. And its working as expected. Quick response on my service request and quick delivery. Great service and thank you very much.


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Push Derailleur Back


Lift Chain



How to Use Your Chainlift

How to Use Your Chainlift

Chainlift FAQ